Best Wooden shoes Hand Painted Kharam | 2022

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Wooden shoes Hand Painted Kharam| 2022 Wooden shoes Hand Painted Kharam
Wooden shoes Hand Painted Kharam

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According to the Vedas, Wooden shoes Hand Painted Kharam, wooden planks were used as a base surface, with a carved block in the front to support one’s toes. Carved from wood, these planks featured little to no etching. In the ancient times, Wooden shoes Hand Painted Kharamwere simple and meant to be used on a daily basis.

It has been said that Khadau was created by saints who thought that the earth absorbs the electric currents going through their bodies. In addition, they were aware that wood served as an electrical insulator. Our ancestors therefore created exquisite wooden slippers with a toe portion for extra comfort in order to preserve the biological potency of our forebears. Wooden shoes Hand Painted Kharam sandals were originally worn by saints, but when leather became less popular (owing to social views), and as cotton shoes became less durable, more people began to prefer them.

As the craftsman was increasingly inspired by the Khadau chappal, he constructed a number of more pleasant and wearable imitations of the Khadau using materials including leather, rubber, and fabric.

In the current day and age
In the market, there are several imitations of the traditional Khadau Chappal. Women and men alike favour leather slip-ons with a single toe. These chappals contain lovely embroidery and are made of soft leather. Khadau footwear is a talent and an art that is widely practised throughout India, particularly in Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Punjab.

They look a lot like Khadau chappas in the Indian market, at least in terms of style. The components, on the other hand, are vastly different. These chappals are made entirely of velvet, fur, leather, and rubber. In addition, a variety of embellishments, such as huge floral and leaf designs made of sparkly cloth or beads or stones or crystals, or metals like copper, bronze, and iron, can be added. Since most individuals cannot carry a wooden Khadau, there are now a variety of Khadau styles to choose from.

As a nod to the saints’ penchant for wandering and walking throughout their lives, these sandals are crafted from heavy, raw wood. To keep the foot firmly in place, most of these sandals are made by hand and feature a basic design with nails that resemble thumb rests.

It’s not uncommon to see women of all ages donning these chappals with everything from Kurta Pyjamas and Lehengas to long flowing skirts and dresses to jeans and a T-shirt.

A Khadau can be made more comfortable and secure with the addition of thin straps.

The acupressure Khadau, a popular form of Khadau, is created specifically for the treatment of foot-related medical issues and overall health advantages. Intricately developed pressure points on the feet of this sort of Khadau sandal ensure several health benefits and relief from pain.

A pair of antique Wooden shoes Hand Painted Kharam chappals that belonged to the famous Sikh saint Kabir were recently found by historians. These silver chappals were incredibly heavy and elaborate. History was unable to understand the engraving on the chappals, but they were preserved in a museum as a symbol of Indian pride and heritage. As a bonus, Khadau chappals are available in their original form all over the world, and people from countries like America and China are drawn to them because they exude a rich, old-fashioned vibe that’s appealing to them. Another type of Wooden shoes Hand Painted Kharam that is very popular with young people are the one toe chappals or slip-ons.


Product : Kharam
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