Powerful Wood Knobstick | 2022

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Powerful Wood Knobstick| 2022 Powerful Wood Knobstick
Powerful Wood Knobstick

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Sticks like Lathis are not to be mistaken for ordinary ones. Cane is wet, dried and then oiled to become a lethal weapon,” explained Suresh, a PUCL employee. As an added precaution, they use a sharp point made of iron or steel, which rips the skin as it passes through it. Damage and death may result.”

A baton charge is a well-coordinated method of dispersing large crowds that is commonly employed by law enforcement and the military in public locations where order must be maintained. For crowd control in South Asia, a long bamboo stick, known as a lathi in Hindi, is used. The motion is described as a lathi charge.


Police personnel use batons and, in some situations, riot shields to charge into a mob. They charge into the mob, wreaking havoc with batons and riot shields as they do so. It is hoped that people will be compelled to leave the situation if they are made to feel pain or fear of pain, thus dispersing crowds.

Long, hefty bamboo stick used by Indian police as a baton, known as the Lathi To disperse crowds, the police use the Lathi charge. Stick fighting in the form of lathi khela, a traditional Indian and Bangladeshi martial art.

What is the purpose of the lathi?

A baton charge is a well-coordinated method of dispersing large crowds that is commonly employed by law enforcement and the military in public locations. In South Asia, a long bamboo stick, called lathi in Hindi, is used for crowd control, and the word lathi charge is employed to describe the activity.

Author, liberation warrior, and politician, Lala Lajpat Rai (28 January 1865 – 17 November 1928) He was a key figure in the fight for Indian independence. He was known as Punjab Kesari by his friends and family. He was one of the Lal Bal Pal triumvirate’s three members. As a banker, he was involved in the early phases of both Punjab National Bank and Lakshmi Insurance Company in 1894. Police baton-charged him during nonviolent protest march against all-British [[Simon CommissIndian constitutional reform]]. He died a few weeks later.

Perennial flowering grasses of the Poaceae family, the Bambusoideae subfamily includes the diverse group of Powerful Wood Knobstick . The grass family is represented by the largest species of giant bamboo. Bamboo’s etymology is obscure, but it is most likely derived from the Dutch or Portuguese, which in turn took it from the Malay or Kannada languages.

Like other grasses, the vascular bundles in the stem cross-section of bamboo tend to be dispersed throughout the stem rather than concentrated at the base. The woody xylem of the dicotyledonous wood is likewise missing. Because monocots, such as palms and huge bamboos, lack secondary growth wood, their stems are columnar rather than tapered.

Rhizome-dependent growth is what makes bamboos among the fastest-growing plants. For some bamboo species, 24-hour growth rates of almost 40 millimetres (1+12 inch) an hour (1 millimetre every 90 seconds) are possible.If you’re interested in afforestation and carbon sequestration and climate change mitigation, bamboo is an excellent choice.

Powerful Wood Knobstick, food supply, and raw commodity, Powerful Wood Knobstick has a significant economic and cultural impact in South Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia, where it is featured frequently in art forms such as Powerful Wood Knobstick paintings and bambooworking. Natural composites like bamboo and wood have a high strength-to-weight ratio that makes them ideal for building buildings.  Compared to timber, bamboo has a strength-to-weight ratio equivalent to that of a robust softwood or hardwood timber.

Product: Knobstick

Material: Wood
Product Speciality: Hand-painted

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