6 Wheel Cervical Spine Neck Massager


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Controllable Massage Intensity: Ergonomic handle, easy to control the massage intensity of neck, shoulders and muscle areas, providing comfortable power.


Farewell to cervical strain]: Sitting in the office for a long time, sitting in an incorrect posture, and playing with mobile phones for a long time are the main culprits for shoulder and neck pain. This massager can stimulate external forces. In the process of massaging, you can simulate the human’s hand, and do pinching and rolling around the cervical spine to achieve the effect of massaging, thereby relieving symptoms such as stiffness of the shoulder and neck.

Simulated Human Body Massage :The double trigger point massage ball feels like a masseuse’s hands are massaging you, which can relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, improve sleep quality, and keep your body in good condition.


Premium Material : Made of eco-friendly TPR material, the massage head feels soft and elastic, as close to your skin as possible. The handle has a lot of pull, and when pulled back is the same as the original. Good elasticity, not easy to break, sturdy and easy to use.

Easy to use: This massager has a double curved handle that prevents slipping and provides a comfortable grip. Just push the lever to massage easily and adjust the massage intensity according to your own strength.

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