Plain Women best Lahthi 2022

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Plain Women best Lahthi
Plain Women best Lahthi

Plain Women best Lahthi  wearing of bangles, a traditional female accessory, symbolizes femininity and has been practiced for centuries.

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Plain Women best Lahti, The wearing of bangles, a traditional female accessory, symbolises femininity and has been practiced for centuries.

2 Piece lah waterproof bangle size

As the name suggests, Lac is an insect resin secreted by Laccifer lacca, Criteria and Tachardia lacca species. The crimson resinous pigment is produced by these plant-sucking insects when they settle on the branches of host plants. Sticklac is gathered from the host trees’ covered branches. Crushed, sieved, and cleaned numerous times, this sticklac is free of contaminants. Different shades of black, brown, and light golden shade are available, with the latter being both the best and the most expensive.

To begin, the lac pieces are placed in an oven-safe dish or pot, known as a Kadai, and heated. The necessary colours and boza, giya pathar powder are then added to it while it is still semi-molten. Then, the mixture is mixed constantly. Now that the coloured lac has been applied to the wooden stick, it can dry. An angethi coal burner slowly heats the lac wrapped around a wooden dowel as a stone or wooden implement known as the “Hatha” presses on it at regular intervals. By rubbing the coloured lac stick on it in a circular motion, the desired colour is applied to it.

To achieve this, the coloured lac stick is heated over the burner as needed. The Hatha is used to form a thin coil out of the plain lac rod after the colour has been applied to the lace base. To make a bangle from this coil, the ends are heated over the burner until they are soft enough to unite. Sona bai, a simple gold metal bangle, is put into the lac bangle while it is still hot to strengthen it. To make sure it’s the right size, it’s slipped through a round wooden beam. If you want to add sequins or semi-precious stones, the bangle is now ready. Lac bangles can be manufactured in as many as 300 different colours simply by mixing and combining the basic seven or eight colours.

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