kota Super Net (doriya) ME

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kota Super Netkota Super Net
Kota Super Net  

Kota SuperNet, festive, official, party wear

When yarns are fused, looped, or knotted at their intersections, the result is a fabric that has open gaps between the strands. Netting There is various ways to use the net, and it comes in a variety of forms.

When it comes to bridal gown embellishment, tulle is the fabric of choice. Silk, nylon, rayon, and cotton can all be used to make tulle. A fishing net is a net used to catch fish. Mesh-like nets are constructed from a grid of interlocking threads. … Knotting a thin thread creates the mesh used in most fishing nets. It was common to practice using plant materials such as flint to weave early nets.


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