Beautiful Mithila Poster | 2022

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Beautiful Mithila Poster

Beautiful Mithila Poster

Beautiful Mithila Poster

The rich legacy of household ritual painting known as Madhubani art, often referred to as Mithila art, gets its name from the area in northern Bihar where it originated and is still popular today. In the past, women created Madhubani paintings on mud homes’ freshly plastered walls and floors. In order to preserve Madhubani’s distinctive characteristics, these talents and methods were passed down for many years. Today, both men and women paint in this manner on canvas, handmade paper, and cloth.

Beautiful Mithila Poster  Nature, social issues, and Hindu deities are frequently portrayed in madhubani art. Scenes from ancient epics and everyday life, such as the royal court and weddings, as well as the sun, moon, and religious plants like tulsi, are frequent themes. In Madhubani art, animals like peacocks, fish, crocodiles, and elephants commonly appear.

Paints and brushes are made by Madhubani artists from supplies that can be found around. Cow dung is used to cure the handmade paper, which aids in preserving the vibrant colour of the natural pigments. In order to outline the images, charcoal and water are combined. Additionally, rice powder and chopped flowers and plants are combined to create vibrant pastes. On a Madhubani piece, every blank space is artistically filled in with floral, animal, bird, and geometric patterns.

Original Madhubani (Mithila) paintings by nationally famous artists, including those who have won National Awards, are offered at Laasya Art. Some of them are mentees of Smt. Jagadamba Devi, who was the first Mithila-born artist to win the National Award for Madhubani painting in 1982 and who was awarded the Padma Shri in 2011.

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