Beautiful Madhubani Painted Cover | 2022

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Beautiful Madhubani Painted Cover | 2022 Beautiful Madhubani Painted Cover
Beautiful Madhubani Painted Cover 

Do Mithila and Madhubani paintings cover share the same aesthetic?

The Mithila region of India and Nepal is home to the painting style known as Madhubani Painted cover art (or Mithila painting). The Madhubani District in Bihar, India is its place of origin, hence the name.

Religion, love, and fertility are all fundamental to the cultural character of the region, which the art depicts. The art of Madhubani is often regarded as among the finest in the world. This well-liked art form from the Mithila region reflects the ingenuity and compassion of its practitioners.

The Madhubani region’s Brahmin and Kayastha women were the initiative’s founders. These paintings were first created by Dalit women of the Dusadh group in the 1960s.

Mithila Art depicts religious and mythological scenes in natural primary colours on paper and fabric. Attractive geometric patterns are used in this painting made with natural dyes and pigments and applied with a variety of tools including fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks.

Madhubani painted cover

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