Attractive jewellary 4 Beautiful Lady

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Attractive jewellary 4 Beautiful Lady

Attractive jewellary 4 Beautiful Lady

Attractive jewellary 4 Beautiful Lady

Mithilazone provides the Best Quality trusted Authentic Jewellery in Nepal at a budget cost.

From early on our focus remained on improving and solidifying our hold in the jewellery industry. One of the latest efforts taken in this direction was the establishment of Mithilazone. Shalimar Jewellers form part of one of the largest Attractive jewellary 4 Beautiful Lady groups in Nepal. Our retail store houses gold necklaces and ornaments in their purest form, as all our jewellery is made from 24 karats of pure gold

We always find ways to show our affection to our loved ones. Making a special moment even more special needs a unique gift. Whatever may be the occasion, a birthday, an engagement, a marriage, an anniversary or any other special day, a gift should bring a smile on your partner’s face. And what makes them smile the most? I am sure it is Attractive jewellary 4 Beautiful Lady. Jewellery helps the beauty to flourish and makes your partner glow.


In this fast-moving world, we don’t have enough time to keep hopping around from one showroom to another showroom to find a piece of suitable Attractive jewellary 4 Beautiful Lady for a relevant occasion. You neither get the benefit of the entire range as it won’t be feasible. Also, you may end up paying a higher amount for a product that does not fully suit you.


We bring you a special range of Attractive jewellary 4 Beautiful Lady that suits any of your needs. We have a range of Daily Wear Jewellery,

Mithilazone has a variety of collections specially selected for all gender and for people of all ages. You will find options for Jewellery for Men, Jewellery for Women and Jewellery for Kids.


At our online store, you will find mesmerizing collection of Gold Rings, Gold Pendants, Gold Earrings, Diamond Rings, Diamond Pendants, Diamond Earrings, Platinum Rings, Gemstone Rings, Gemstone Earrings and other jewellery. So just browse through the range of latest jewellery at and enjoy the latest design jewellery with options of Lifetime Exchange, 100% Refund and Try 

Whether as a gift to a loved one or for yourself (a self-gift, if you will), jewellery is unbeaten in its premium status. Often imbued with deep sentiment, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and so on are true investment pieces that can be kept for generations due to their long-lasting materials and value.

Finishing off even the dullest of outfits, the right piece of hardware will always work hard for you. And, if you buy wisely, it can even appreciate in value in years to come. After all, who doesn’t want their pension in their jewellery box?

Having said that, every jewellery item you own needn’t be an heirloom-worthy investment. The market for more affordable, trend-led (but no less beautiful) jewellery has blossomed in recent years and ensured you can have access to luxury items that will make your ensemble sparkle, no matter your budget or taste.

For classic ‘forever’ jewellery in gold, silver and platinum and featuring precious gemstones like diamonds, Tiffany & Co., Bucherer, Bulgari and Cartier will never fail you

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